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2022 Newsletter
Tax Year 2021
Happy New Year!!

I had planned to end my career as of 1/1/2022. Having gone through COVID-19, it became apparent that after 42 years the time had come to retire. After receiving several calls, added with the difficulty of finding a replacement for myself, I decided to go through another season. Having made that decision, we will go through another season (tax year 2021 prepared in 2022) providing we keep the same processes in place as we used for 2020 taxes.


My assistants, Valeria & Robyn will provide you with ALL of the necessary information to get your documents to me for processing. Upfront, I will request your patience in processing the returns for this season more so than ever. Although, I will have assistance helping with processing, I must review their work before releasing your returns to you. 

Also understand that once a return is submitted to the IRS, occasionally a return will take longer than normal to process. That indicates the IRS is reviewing other issues that may delay your return such as back taxes (both state & federal), child support, claiming someone on your return who has already filed a return, etc. These are just a few of the reasons for delays but is not all inclusive.


When you send your documents to us, 
please send us copies only to 1301 River Place Blvd., Suite#800, Jacksonville, FL 32207.


Normally, we include tax rules that may have been changed along with new guidelines, this year I am requesting that you go to website and visit “IRS Operations During COVID-19: Mission-critical functions continue" to find a wealth of information concerning your federal returns. You will find a heading News & Announcements, and underneath a picture that shows a calculator and a 1040 tax form, click "get the latest updates”.


Of course, anything you do not understand, you can leave us a question online or give us a call.

We have prepared the annual client questionnaire for you to complete electronically without having to print it and send it back to us, it can be completed online. You will need to contact Valeria at 904/278-0117, Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 2:00pm,est. to request it be emailed to you to complete. If you receive her voicemail, leave a detailed message with your name and email address and she will email you the form to complete. Please speak clear when leaving your information.


You may also send an email to

to request the questionnaire. The form is self-explanatory. We look forward to getting through another tax season and with your assistance and patience, we believe we can have another efficient season. 

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